Registered Massage Therapy

Our award-winning Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) put your muscles at ease with massages designed to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and stretch tight spots while increasing blood circulation and tissue metabolism.

Whether you are seeking the pinnacle of relaxation, therapeutic relief, or balance of mind, body and soul, the answer is here. Each massage treatment is customized based on your individual needs and requests.

Please note that our Registered Massage Therapists do provide receipts for insurance coverage. You may also be interested in our Esthetician Massages.
If you are booking a couple’s massage, please call  to make your reservation (both RMT & Esthetician couple massages).

90-Minute Massage (RMT) 125.00
75-Minute Massage (RMT) 110.00
60-Minute Massage (RMT) 91.00
45-Minute Massage (RMT) 69.00
30-Minute Massage (RMT) 56.00

Couple’s Massage

60-Minute Couple’s Massage (2 RMTs) 182.00
60-Minute Couple’s Massage (1 RMT and 1 Esthetician) 170.99

Sports Massage

75-Minute Sports Massage (RMT) 110.00
60-Minute Sports Massage (RMT) 91.00
45-Minute Sports Massage (RMT) 69.00

Pregnancy Massage

60-Minute Pregnancy Massage (RMT) 91.00
45-Minute Pregnancy Massage (RMT) 69.00

Hot Stone Massage

90-Minute Hot Stone Massage (RMT) 139.00
75-Minute Hot Stone Massage (RMT) 129.00
60-Minute Hot Stone Massage (RMT) 110.00
60-Minute Couple’s Hot Stone Massage (2 RMTs) 216.00

Aromatherapy Massage

90-Minute Aromatherapy Massage (RMT) 149.00
75-Minute Aromatherapy Massage (RMT) 139.00
60-Minute Aromatherapy Massage (RMT) 118.00

Indie Head Massage

45-Minute Indie Head Massage (RMT) 79.00
30-Minute Indie Head Massage (RMT) 65.00

Asthma Massage

60-Minute Asthma Massage (RMT) 91.00

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