Wellness is contagious

Talk to anyone who is focused on lifestyle wellness. You might find yourself wanting do the same things as well.

What does lifestyle wellness mean to you?  Reflect on your current lifestyle choices or behaviors that equate to wellness. It might be the fresh air walks you take at lunch, the daily vegetables you eat, the family or friend time you spend sharing stories of the day or perhaps even your seasonal cleansing program.  Or, maybe it’s that you eat a healthy meal most days and you experience fresh air moments walking to your vehicle.  Most people who are dedicated to being as healthy as possible have worked on strategies that are practical for them.   They are open and flexible to adjust their lifestyle paradigm to stretch their possibilities of wellness.

Wellness is a self-care act of love.

There are several studies that have shown that you are most like the people you share most of your time with each day.  For example, if your close friends value regular visits to a wellness practitioner or like to do regular exercise, then you’ll most likely align to their lifestyle.  If your close circle of family and friends prefers no exercise or high caloric fast food meals, then there’s a higher chance your life will have similar wellness outcomes.  The opposite is also applicable. It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about being in balance as wellness is a self-care act of love.  There’s no right way of doing this.

Drop by Ezcape Spa and Wellness. Feel the feel good feelings of just being in a place where self-care and client focused wellness is paramount.  You don’t even need an appointment.  Simple enter the “zone” and listen to beautiful music, or watch the e-TV with all the health tips, and connect with people who value their wellness.   It’s simple.   While visiting the spa, ask if someone might be available to give you a tour or if one of the practitioners is present for a complementary consultation.

By taking time for your own self-care, you are honouring a simple way to being more balanced.  “A life of complication wears many disguises and has a way of fooling us into thinking and believing it’s normal or even a prerequisite to success. Once you recognize and release those situations, events, or things that are complicated and no longer serve a balanced, contented state of peaceful living, you will free yourself to embrace a new way of living with simplicity, hope, and joy.” (The Way to Simplicity, Hope and Joy, 2004, J. Espenant)

Lifestyle wellness has a positive outcome when you take the time to know what is important to you and those who live and work with you.  Wellness can be naturally positive and joyful. Dogs can offer us fun, outside all weather time, fresh air, joy, and companionship to name a few.  It’s a lifestyle choice.   Most dogs receive lots of tender loving care and we deserve this same level of wellness.  Self-care is a personal choice.  Just do it!

For more information or to schedule your appointment with Justine Espenant today, visit www.ezcapespa.com or 613.841.8400

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