Those pesky little niggles!

Since starting my business, I have found that in comparison to my previous lifestyle, I am more sedentary. I rarely suffered from back or neck ache, however, like most of us, I do have to spend a certain amount of time in front of my computer every day. What starts off as a little irritation and tension, can  become very uncomfortable. Because this generally develops slowly and over time, we don’t always pay the attention that we should. It is in fact our bodies way of communicating with us, we just don’t take the time to listen. I was getting tired of the neck ache and sore shoulders and my daily yoga routine was only ‘maintaining it. So I decided to see a physio, and through daily exercises, that discomfort is slowly going away.

It is the same with our nutrition, there are no quick fixes !

Often digestive issues start to build up, before we are even aware that there is a problem. When it starts to manifest itself, we ignore it, and hope it will go away. When it doesn’t,  we start to take, the bloated stomach, irregular bowel movements etc as normal, when it is anything but. Small changes can make a big difference, but we sometimes have to realize that we do need help and I’m happy to do just that, so drop me a line or give me a call, to see how I can help you.

For more information or to schedule your appointment with Susan Alsembach, RHN, visit www.ezcapespa.com or call (613) 841-8400

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