Spring into Salads

Although looking out the window today, you wouldn’t guess that we are heading into spring ! As the seasons change, I really enjoy different meals and I change the way we eat, adapting it to the season. With that in mind, I really like a warm quinoa salad. I know the thought of a warm salad can seem contradictory but it really is quite delicious !

I know some of you out there aren’t fans of quinoa, so you could easily swap this out for brown rice instead. I recently discovered that you can actually ferment quinoa (it is actually a seed), there are two reasons that I now do it all the time – 1) it takes away the bitter taste that quinoa has, 2) it also breaks down some of the anti-nutrients (meaning it will otherwise bind to certain vitamins and minerals preventing their absorption into the body). You can then cook it in about 15 minutes.

As we are looking to spring, I love to add lots of color to my salads, starting with green beans, as with any other green veggie, they are full of chlorophyll, which is very beneficial t the body. Not only does it help with cell regeneration, it also helps to support the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins and, as it is a good source of fiber, it promotes the health of the digestive system.  Green beans are a fantastic source of vitamin K, which improves calcium absorption, therefore supporting bone health (think osteoporosis!).  I also add, carrots sliced into small cubes, yellow or orange peppers and kale. A handful of roasted almonds, walnuts or pine nuts (full of healthy fats), some feta cheese and a dash of lemon olive oil, salt and pepper…. dinner is served.

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