No quick fixes!

When working with clients who suffer from chronic health issues, one of the first thing I clarify with them, is the element of time. These health issues didn’t just happen suddenly, they appeared over time, symptoms may have have come and gone, or  gradually gotten worse. In today’s world we are often so ‘busy’ that we forget to take even just a few minutes and questions why we are ‘feeling’ this way. By ignoring our body’s attempt to signal that there is something wrong, we ignore the signs and symptoms, pretending that they will go and away or that we’ll deal with them another day. This is the definition of a chronic health issues, such as type 2 diabetes, high bloods pressure, arthritis, etc. It is something that persists over time, often increasing in severity, finally leading to a great deal of discomfort. It is usually then, that clients come to see me.

Dealing properly with a health issue can take time. The body needs to adjust and heal itself and for this there really is no quick fix. You’ve heard of all these amazing diets, where people loose a lot of weight relatively quickly and are feeling AMAZING. If the underlying issue is not addressed, then once they go back to eating ‘normally’ for them, their health issue coming running back, rearing its ugly head.

I believe in taking the necessary time when working with my clients, so that the results they achieve, will stay with them. I may not see a client for a month or two, while they are working on making these necessary changes, so that the way they are eating and living becomes part of their lifestyle, it  is no longer something they really need to think about, it becomes part of who they are. I like clients to understand that ultimately they are accountable to themselves, as they are one the living their own body. Thanks for reading, Susan

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