Ice Cubes & Digestion

When working with clients, it is often the simple changes that can make the biggest difference. During the initial consultation, many topics affecting digestive health are discussed, one of them being, ice. I find that often people seem to like drinking very, very cold drinks with their meals. When eating out I find I often have to ask to be served water without ice.

As you may know the stomach is a muscle, which requires good blood supply to be able to properly start the digestive process. When we drink large quantities of very cold drinks with our meal several things can happen. Firstly, very cold drinks will diminish the amount of digestive juices secreted by the stomach, meaning that you won’t be able to digest your meal as efficiently as would if you hadn’t had that big glass of ice cold drink.

Secondly, as mentioned the stomach is muscle and as with any other muscle, it will react to very cold water by, partially seizing up as the blood flow will be reduced as a result of drinking ice cold drinks, again affecting good digestion.

Some clients actually realize that it was more out of habit than pleasure that  that they would have ice cold drinks. For those that find it too hard to break the habit, I would suggest taking small sips making the glass last the whole meal. Another option could be to drink their cold drink about 1/2 hr before their meal, so that they don’t feel deprived of something they enjoy. This allow the drink to pass through the stomach before digestion begins.

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