High Touch in a High Tech World

With all the wonderful technological array of phones, computers and other digital products that enhance our daily lives it seems like one thing may be lacking for many people. That one thing is the actual hands-on personal touch.

It’s easy to spend hours of work, fun or learning with technology. I remember sitting near two young people who were texting each other while at the same time conversing together. Maybe that’s the new way to multi-task. As an aside, multi-tasking has been shown to be highly stressful. Being able to manage more things at once isn’t always good for you. It’s more efficient, but what’s the stress cost to your nervous system?

The part of high tech that is not conducive to wellness is that this often generates a lack of high touch. The term high touch refers to authentic caring personal touch. For example, a reassuring hand on your shoulder, or holding hands with a loved one while walking along a nature path. High touch is simple and real. Social media “friends” may offer some very meaningful words of support or celebration, however; what if some of those same friends met with you in-person to do the same thing.

Taking charge of your own high touch self-care happens when you fulfill your own needs by doing something about this identified lack. One solution is to schedule regular Spa/Wellness time to feel the rejuvenating effect of high touch. All the services at Ezcape Spa and Wellness offer high personal touch. From my perspective, sharing Raindrop Technique Essential Oil sessions is that I offer a calming effect using a gentle touch and quality therapeutic grade oils.

The greatest gift that we can share is that of caring personal touch. Your wellness will be naturally enhanced when you keep your personal high touch topped up both in the giving and receiving.

Just do it. Add more high touch to your high tech world.

For more information or to schedule your appointment with Justine Espenant visit www.ezcapespa.com

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