Eating on the go

Our bodies are truly amazing, everyday they perform thousands of tasks, without us even being aware which allow us to go about our daily lives. There are times though when we ask just a little too much, such as eating in a hurry and/

or when stressed. Digestion is a complex process which requires a certain environment (internal and external) to be carried out properly.

Good digestion requires, good blood circulation to the intestines and stomach. When stressed or in a hurry, our bodies will react to our external situation, the flight or fight response of our nervous system will automatically respond and divert blood to where it is needed the most, such as the heart and the muscles in our arms and legs. It will also limit blood flow to any body functions which are not perceived as immediately necessary to our safety and well being. Good digestion also requires sufficient enzymes and juices to help breakdown the food in our stomach, again, our bodies will automatically reduce production if we’re running around or stressed.

As a result if we eat a meal under these circumstances, it will not be properly broken down and the absorption of vital nutrients will be diminished. Without a good blood supply the stomach, it will cramp, as does any other muscle lacking oxygen, this generally resulting in stomach aches or bloating.

In such situations it may be better to avoid eating a meal and instead, drinking a glass of water that will help calm that sensation of hunger. If necessary eating something simple like a hard boiled egg, a fruit or a hand full of trail mix, will help to keep you going until you can sit down and eat quietly.

Learn more about what you can do to improve digestion with Susan Alsembach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, RHN, 613.84.8400 or www.ezcapespa.com

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