Five Effective Back Pain Prevention Exercises!

We all have different pain triggers affecting the low back. Improper spinal movements, a fall, sport injuries and many other muscle strains can all make an impact. Watch the video below for five easy exercises to help prevent and potentially reduce low back pain. You may need more stability while others may need more mobility, [ read more » ]

Massage Therapy & Asthma Relief

How Massage Therapy Helps When You Are Suffering From Asthma If you want to breathe a sigh of relief without ever worrying about an asthmatic attack, then you definitely need to get a good massage. Massage therapy for asthma is the kind of treatment that relaxes all the vital respiratory muscles and allows your lungs [ read more » ]

Why gut health isn’t just a passing fad?

The Healthy chat with gut guru Reece Carter. Your gut is a pretty sensitive and important organism. You probably realized that the first time you went traveling or started a new job. For author of The Happy Gut and naturopath Reece Carter that realization of the power of the gut came last year. “I was [ read more » ]

Free moving service for women fleeing abuse now in Ottawa

‘We do a lot of planning in advance to know that we’re going in when the abuser is not there’ There are many obstacles facing women who decide to leave abusive relationships, and one of them is figuring out how to move their belongings out quickly while staying safe. To address this problem, Marc Hull-Jaquin started a non-profit called Shelter [ read more » ]

Could A Holistic Nutritionist Help You Lose Weight?

After Susan gave birth to her first child, she wanted to lose a few pounds to get to her pre-pregnancy weight. And…then life happened. By the time she gave birth to kiddo number-four, about eight years ago, she was 120 pounds above her pre-baby weight of 150. Susan tried what felt like an endless cycle [ read more » ]

Effective Relief of Back Pain Caused by Pregnancy

There is nothing more amazing than how a woman’s body creates, nurtures and grows a baby. Unfortunately, more often times than not, as we progress through the 9 months of this amazing experience we can suffer many different aliments as our body tries to adapt to the changes at a fast pace. One of the [ read more » ]

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