Eating on the go

Our bodies are truly amazing, everyday they perform thousands of tasks, without us even being aware which allow us to go about our daily lives. There are times though when we ask just a little too much, such as eating in a hurry and/ or when stressed. Digestion is a complex process which requires a [ read more » ]

Detoxify with better digestive health

I find that small changes can make a big difference. After the holidays, you may have indulged in foods that you don’t eat very often, they are often rich and can make you feel a little sluggish and heavy come the end of the holiday season. You need something to help you get going in [ read more » ]

Being Active in Middle Age is Like Money in the Bank

Saving for retirement is much like exercise: It’s better to start sooner than later to reap the rewards later in life. “Think about your health like a bank,” says Kathleen Trotter, fitness expert and author of Finding Your Fit: A Compassionate Trainer’s Guide to Making Fitness a Lifelong Habit. “You want to put as much [ read more » ]

Exercise during pregnancy improves health and reduces complications

Physical activity is a critical component of achieving a healthy pregnancy – with fewer complications and better physical and emotional wellness for the mother, and better outcomes for the baby – according to new national guidelines. Those who follow the guideline can reduce the risk of pregnancy-related illness such as depression by at least 25 [ read more » ]

Moderate carbohydrate intake may be best for health

The observational study of more than 15,400 people from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (ARIC) in the USA found that diets both low (< 40% energy) and high (>70% energy) in carbohydrates were linked with an increase in mortality, while moderate consumers of carbohydrates (50-55% of energy) had the lowest risk of mortality. The [ read more » ]

Exercise and its mental health benefits

A new large-scale U.S. study has found that people who exercise report having 1.5 fewer days of poor mental health a month compared to people who do not exercise. However, working out too much could actually have the opposite effect. Carried out by a team at Yale University, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Laureate Institute [ read more » ]

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