Sleepy September

I really love September, it’s that time of year when things start to happen, kids go back to school, the leaves start changing colours and we can get back into some sort of routine. As much as I love the relaxed feeling that summer brings, I’m also very ready to have a certain structure to [ read more » ]

No quick fixes!

When working with clients who suffer from chronic health issues, one of the first thing I clarify with them, is the element of time. These health issues didn’t just happen suddenly, they appeared over time, symptoms may have have come and gone, or  gradually gotten worse. In today’s world we are often so ‘busy’ that [ read more » ]

Top Shelf Products Start from the Ground Up

The Essential Oils used in Raindrop Technique at Ezcape Spa and Wellness are therapeutic grade top shelf  oils.   Literally, you’ll find these essential oils on the top shelf in our wellness side display case.  However, top shelf also means highest quality. Restaurants and bars normally carry Top Shelf products.  They are the ones that the [ read more » ]

Those pesky little niggles!

Since starting my business, I have found that in comparison to my previous lifestyle, I am more sedentary. I rarely suffered from back or neck ache, however, like most of us, I do have to spend a certain amount of time in front of my computer every day. What starts off as a little irritation [ read more » ]

High Touch in a High Tech World

With all the wonderful technological array of phones, computers and other digital products that enhance our daily lives it seems like one thing may be lacking for many people. That one thing is the actual hands-on personal touch. It’s easy to spend hours of work, fun or learning with technology. I remember sitting near two [ read more » ]

Desserts and digestion

Last night I went  out with my husband for a social engagement. Generally speaking I never have a dessert straight after my meal, it makes me feel bloated and I can feel that is slows down my digestion. That is exactly what happened last night ! What’s wrong with that you might think ? We [ read more » ]

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